Rob Hopkins on KPFK

KPFKRob Hopkins will be a guest on the show of KPFK’s Sonali Kolhatkar –  This Friday, Oct 11, 8a.m.  KPFK is 90.7FM

Get a taste of Rob’s humor and how broad and deep his thinking goes.  And then join us this Sunday in Westchester when Rob dialogs with Andy Lipkis, D’Artagnan Scorza (Inglewood’s Social Justice Learning Institute), Meghan Sahli-Wells (Vice Mayor of Culver City, elected on a green platform), and ECM’s Joanne Poyourow.

About envirochangemakers

We are a community group in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles (LA 90045 near LAX airport). Founded in 2005, we offer classes, events, and community gatherings focused on building a resilient future. We are part of the international Transition Network.
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