What do GMOs have to do with Resilience?

photo (2)In so many ways, GMOs deplete any resilience in our food supply.

GMOs are perhaps the ultimate pinnacle of petroleum-dependent agriculture. These plants are laboratory-engineered to work together with petro-chemicals: herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers. Headed into a world with less fossil resources, deepening the petro-dependence of our food supply is an absolutely disasterous course.

For millions of years, humanity has fed itself “organically” — only your great-grandmother didn’t have a term for it. That was normal agriculture. This chemical-dependent stuff is very recent, just since WWII. GMOs are the ultimate in UN-organic. And the chemical-centric agribusiness process is stripping out our topsoils, polluting our waterways, sickening our farm workers …

And studies are just now beginning to emerge what GMOs do to undermine human health. (YouTube) We can indeed have a better life than this.

GMOs are created in a laboratory by inserting genetic material from a vastly different organism (fish, bacteria, etc) into a food plant’s seed to create a frankenseed. You cannot save seed from a GMO plant — it won’t work — so it breaks the natural chain that farming has had for millenia … and locks farmers into contracts to buy seed, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides instead of being self-reliant.

Meanwhile GMOs, and the related corporate control, are raping the heirloom seed heritage that our generation received from generations of natural plant breeders. We have less and less diversity in the plant varieties that make up our food supply … right at the time when climate change dictates that we develop MORE diversilty in order to survive.

In her explanation of The Great Turning, Joanna Macy says one of the things we can do is to stop further destruction — at the same time as we are building the new structures needed for the future.

Here in Los Angeles, a coalition of food-and-garden activists, including Environmental Change-Makers and the Seed Library of Los Angeles, have asked City Council to make L.A. a “GMO-free Zone.”  Here’s how you can help.

photo:  Vandana Shiva speaks in Watts at the amazing Watts Community Labor Action Committee site (September 2013).


About envirochangemakers

We are a community group in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles (LA 90045 near LAX airport). Founded in 2005, we offer classes, events, and community gatherings focused on building a resilient future. We are part of the international Transition Network.
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