What do GMOs have to do with Resilience?

photo (2)In so many ways, GMOs deplete any resilience in our food supply.

GMOs are perhaps the ultimate pinnacle of petroleum-dependent agriculture. These plants are laboratory-engineered to work together with petro-chemicals: herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers. Headed into a world with less fossil resources, deepening the petro-dependence of our food supply is an absolutely disasterous course.

For millions of years, humanity has fed itself “organically” — only your great-grandmother didn’t have a term for it. That was normal agriculture. This chemical-dependent stuff is very recent, just since WWII. GMOs are the ultimate in UN-organic. And the chemical-centric agribusiness process is stripping out our topsoils, polluting our waterways, sickening our farm workers …

And studies are just now beginning to emerge what GMOs do to undermine human health. (YouTube) We can indeed have a better life than this. Continue reading

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Veggies gone WILD

feral vegEffortless food.  Imagine if your garden plot produced mind-boggling abounts of fresh organic veggies — without you hardly lifting a finger.  Wow.

With a little bit of prep work (and a little bit of know-how), you can have it — especially during SoCal’s cool season.

[pictured: a spontaneous sprouting of chard, arugula, amaranth, frisee, cilantro]. Continue reading

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GMO Action Alert: TOMORROW

a5643-gmofreelaCouncilman Paul Koretz and Councilman Mike Bonin will hold a press conference tomorrow morning at City Hall to announce that they will introduce a motion to make the City of Los Angeles a GMO-Free Zone.  Come join us and make a big crowd for the news cameras!

When:  Friday October 18.  Gather 8:45-9:00a.m.  Move into location 9:00a.m.  Press conference begins 9:15 a.m.

Where:  Gather at the Rotunda, Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street, LA 90012.  Allow 20+ minutes to park and make your way into the building.

Bring:  Signs — preferably homemade — that say things like “GMO-Free LA” ; “We want GMO-Free” ; “No GMO” ; “Monsanto lied to us” ; “Say No to GMOs” ; “Get GMOs out of LA” ; “Don’t engineer my food” ; “No GMOs in my garden” Continue reading

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ECM at LA Community Gardens Council – Oct 19

ECM’s Joanne P will give one of the workshops at Saturday’s 7th Annual Gathering of Community Gardens!

When:  Sat Oct 19, 8:30am-4:00pm

Where:  Garden School Foundation at 24th Street Elementary School, 2055 West 24th Street, Los Angeles 90018

Details:  $25 suggested donation, includes lunch.  RSVP to tweybright@gmail.com to make sure that we have enough food, and please bring your own plate, cup, and fork to ensure a no-waste event. Continue reading

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Rob Hopkins on KPFK

KPFKRob Hopkins will be a guest on the show of KPFK’s Sonali Kolhatkar –  This Friday, Oct 11, 8a.m.  KPFK is 90.7FM

Get a taste of Rob’s humor and how broad and deep his thinking goes.  And then join us this Sunday in Westchester when Rob dialogs with Andy Lipkis, D’Artagnan Scorza (Inglewood’s Social Justice Learning Institute), Meghan Sahli-Wells (Vice Mayor of Culver City, elected on a green platform), and ECM’s Joanne Poyourow.

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Help Create a GMO-Free Zone in L.A.

The campaign to create a GMO-Free Zone in Los Angeles is on!

Here’s how you can help:

1. Circulate petitions.  The letter is directed to members of Los Angeles City Council.  Sign it yourself, or ask your friends and neighbors to sign.  Full voters-registration contact information is necessary to make the signatures count. 

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Growing Strong in Los Angeles

photo (2)Dateline: September 2020 …

The last of my blackeyed peas are planted, the summer’s harvest of tomatoes is drying in the solar cooker, and I’ve gathered in the seeds of chard and cilantro.  Time to take a break from late summer’s heat, to take a little walk down memory lane.
I remember back in 2013, when mine was one of the few houses on the street with front yard food, and the only house in the neighborhood with backyard chickens.  Today it’s the rare house that still has a lawn, and a few progressives are now starting to remove those sacred backyard fences.  The triumphant call of laying hens is commonplace.  Figs and pomegranates are dripping from the trees we planted five years ago along many streets of the city. Continue reading
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